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Forever Clear BBL is a non-invasive acne treatment that uses the Sciton to clear acne without creams and medications. It is generally an effective, comfortable, fast, and safe treatment. This treatment can be used on most areas of your body, but most commonly is used on facial, neck, and back acne.

Treatment time and total number of treatments will vary from patient to patient but many see improvement after just one treatment! Redness may occur but should resolve itself within a few hours. After treatment, your skin should look clearer.

Forever Clear uses a unique three-step process

Step 1: Skin is treated with BLUE BBL light to eliminate acne-casuing bacteria at its source

Step 2: Skin is treated with YELLOW BBL light to reduce the inflammation and acne-associated redness to give you healthy, luminous skin

Step 3: For added benefit, the skin is treated with INFRA-RED light in rapid, gentle pulses to initiate the body’s natural healing process.

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