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Combination Therapy Treatments

Now with the BBL at the affordable price of $300 combination therapies are the ultimate anti-aging treatments. Combining BBL with various add-on treatments, maximizes correction of damage and produces better results. Simplify your beauty plan and save some money and time!

Add-on Treatments:Additional Cost:
B&B Botox$11/Unit
Clear & Smooth Filler$25-50 off syringe
Lunchtime Peel NanoPeel (4-50 microns) $150
Short Weekend Peel ProFractional (60-100 microns) $225
Long Weekend Peel ProFractional (110-200 microns) $400
Clear & Tight SkinTyte II $195
Hi-Definition Skin Halo&HydrafacialMD$200-500 off package

Available Packages

Clear and Tight

Clear and Smooth

Short Weekend

Long Weekend

Hi-Definition Skin